MediaCenter: PS3 No, XBMC YES!

So, for many months I have been slaving away with my PS3 and server, getting Mediatomb to work well and finding a setting for ffmpeg that my PS3 will like. What a waste of time!!

The fact that the PS3 only supports UPnP or locally stored videos is a joke, I mean, come on Sony, Windows Shares are where it is at. Mediatomb is great at what it does, but the interface of any UPnP device is just SO horrible.

However, the interface on XBMC is just liquid gold, that can be further customised via skins like Aeon or Mediastream. Both look truly beautiful and put the PS3 to shame. I would dearly love to run XBMC on my old Xbox, but sadly it just hasn’t got the processing power to play my .x264 encoded mp4 videos, so I will use it just as my Music player (still using XBMC on it though). Thus my HTPC, which primarily runs MythTV will now also be used to view my videos via XBMC. It seems rediculous to me that a machine as powerful as the PS3 comes with such an ugly and limited Media Player interface as the UPnP protocol. I guess because Sony are shortly to release Video Store to stream and download Videos, they want that to be the main way PS3 users access videos, and not ones they already own. At the end of the day, it is all about new revenue streams 🙁

Still, all I can say is that XBMC rules, and I wish I had an Acer Revo with the new Nvidea Ion platform to truly appreciate the full power of XBMC without worrying about messing up my MythTV set-up 😉