MediaPortal Comskip and Transcode Bat and Bash Scripts

As I mentioned earlier, I use MediaPortal to record DVB-T broadcasts. As these end up quite big, I then use two scripts to check the recordings for adverts and to transcode the recordings to a mkv file (smaller and better supported).

This solution isn’t very elegant, since it is for my personal setup which is a little unusual, in that the recordings are done via a Windows XP MediaCentre PC, they are then analysed for adverts using Comskip and are then transferred to my Ubuntu-based server, which then transcodes the files to an MKV file and the adds Chapter markers to those MKV files using the file from Comskip. Thus there script is in two parts, one a Windows Bat script and the other is a Ubuntu Bash script.

The scripts are below. First, the Windows Bat script that runs the recorded file through Comskip and then copies it over to the server. Since I wanted to only run one script for all the recordings made in an evening, the script takes the file name from MediaPortal, which passes it to the script after the file is finished recording, using the Comskip plugin. This explains all the weird “Echo” in front of all the terms, since basically it is putting all the commands into another script, which is then run early each morning.